Tropical Manaus Ecoresort - Manaus, Amazonas, Cep: 69037-000, Brasil

The Tropical Manaus Ecoresort is the premier destination for an Amazon vacation, offering many restaurants, sports and tropical activities in Tropical Manaus Ecoresort at the best of hotels in Brazil.

Each Tropical Manaus Ecoresort guest has a large variety of options for entertainment, relaxation and pleasure, ensuring the ultimate vacation.


Whether you are on business or an Amazon vacation, discover family-oriented activities for children and adults at Tropical Manaus Ecoresort. Activities are scheduled near the murals at the main pool entry. Enjoy outstanding service while our Tropical Manaus Ecoresort host coordinates internal and external trips, activities and sports in Brazil.

The "Praça das águas" or Square Waters Pool features water/pool activities and games overseen by the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort entertainment team.

A variety of water-based activities include Biribol, water basketball, gymnastics hydro, relaxation, water polo games, dance classes, dance competitions and challenges. This Manaus pool is 1.20m deep and features an aquatic bar with special drinks and snacks.

The Vitória Régia Pool and the Ponta Negra ballroom at Tropical Manaus Ecoresort are the places for parties and events. 

Tropikid´s Club

Children will be delighted to play at the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort area that’s specially designed for them. They can interact with the shaped enchanted forest with eight different characters created by Tropical Hotels & Resorts Brasil. The little ones will learn the importance of preserving the environment, wildlife and flora while having lots of fun. The Tropikid's Club also features a special nursery space with cradles and baby care.

Educational games are part of the club for children, too. Children can enter into a forest and their biggest challenge is to preserve it. This is just one of many tropical activities in Tropical Manaus Ecoresort for kids.

Jogos educativos também fazem parte do clube das crianças, o espaço está todo tematizado de forma que as crianças entrarão em uma floresta e seu maior desafio é poder preservá-la. Esta é apenas uma des muitas atividades no Tropical Manaus Ecoresort para crianças.


Tropi is a little indian who will encourage everyone to be friends of the forest. He will show children all the customs of his people and tell their tales. He also speaks of the gratitude we have for food that nature gives to us.

Cal is a happy little indian who will invite the children to the kingdom of nature, its inhabitants and its customs. All in a good fun.

Blá-Blá is a macaw who, as her name says, is very talkative and funny. She will tell many stories of the jungle for the children, teaching them how to protect nature and to preserve it.

Bicudo is a very interesting and fun toucan.

Bocão is a very special alligator who loves to tell stories of the river where he lives. He will speak about the importance of not polluting the rivers. The children will know the flora and fauna of the bottom of rivers with him.

Lentinho is a sloth-male who loves singing. He surpassed the silence of his kind to become the singer of the forest and will teach the children to achieve their dreams.

Pintosa is a jaguar, friend of the children, and will show the importance of the life cycle, where in nature nothing is lost and everything changes.

Travesso is a very funny and playful spider-monkey. Living in a tree house, he spreads joy wherever he goes and he’ll teach the children many games about nature.


Located inside the Tropikid's, children will explore educational games, videos, and their artistic gifts. After participating in our "Environment workshop" each child receives a Defender of Nature Certificate.

Baby Club


The Baby Club is an exclusive area for children from 0 to 3 years old and especially designed for them. With a rubber floor, it is composed of cradles, diapering, toys that can stimulate the senses of the small ones and monitors trained in caring for babies. Mothers can leave their children here so that they can also join our many different activities.

Gym Sports

Children and adults will enjoy the large Tropical Manaus Ecoresort sports area, encompassing 2.333,62 m2 indoors.

This steel structure is located near the entrance to the hotel. Our guests can participate in sports such as football, volleyball and handball as well as tropical activities in Tropical Manaus Ecoresort.

Tenis Courts

Enjoy five tennis courts at Tropical Manaus Ecoresort, arranged around a main square with a cafeteria on the sidelines.

The total tennis court area is 3.778,00 m2. Private lessons are also available at an additional fee.


Volleyball and Basketball

The 162.00 m2 volleyball and basketball courts are close to the tennis court. The Tropical Manaus Ecoresort entertainment team organizes practice sessions and basketball tournaments.

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Enjoy the varied terrain around the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort on the 1,400 meter pathway around the hotel. Marked at every 100 meters, the trail takes to you to the banks of the Rio Negro. Enjoy the environment on your Amazon vacation with a relaxing walk in a beautiful setting.


One of the most popular tropical activities in Tropical Manaus Ecoresort is a visit to our remarkable zoo, which offers many programs, exhibits and exposure to the amazing animals of the Amazon. The Zoo occupies part of the green area of the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort, about 20,000 m2. It was opened in 1976 with the initial objective of exposing some of the representatives of the Amazonian fauna. Today this beautiful zoo showcases a wide variety of animals to entertain the visiting public while also addressing the Conservation “ex situ” (outside natural habitat) and the Environmental Education. The zoo is registered at Brazilian Institute of the Environment - IBAMA* in compliance with all applicable legal requirements. The Zoo is also a member of the Zoological Society of Brazil - ZSB.


Equipped with proper management to meet the needs of the animals and all safety standards, the zoo has skilled professionals, such as a biologist, a veterinarian and a staff of keepers. The animals’ well being is secured through a balanced diet, supplying the nutritional needs according to the requirements for each species. In addition, the zoo has also developed environmental enrichment programs, implementation of preventive health procedures and daily monitoring.

The animals that live at the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort Zoo are 100% Amazon (Census 2010), consisting of 91 specimens, which vary between: birds (6), mammals (10) and reptiles (6). Outstanding examples of this zoo’s inhabitants include the the jaguar, the largest feline in the Americas, the spider monkey, the biggest monkey of Brazil's Amazon forest and the capybara, the world's largest rodent. All of the animals are housed in 16 cages, each previously authorized by IBAMA, promoting the well being of each species as well as those who are free to live in the green area such, as parauacu or old monkey (Pithecia pithecia), collar of tamarin (Saguinus bicolor), sloth (Bradypus variegatus), Iguana (Iguana iguana) and several species of birds (116 species listed).

The Tropical Manaus Ecoresort Zoo actively participates in social and environmental responsibility programs. It has created three different areas to help preserve natural resources:

Environmental Education Programs (support for education campaigns environment week, lectures on the environment and planting seedling)
Conservation "ex-situ”
Wastewater Treatment Station
The zoo is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. It also has environmental education activities monitored. Guests of Tropical Manaus Ecoresort can visit on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am - information at reception desk. The general public, schools, universities and companies must make a prior request addressed to the Executive Board.

* The Tropical Manaus Ecoresort Zoo is registered under the number of case # 02005.00026/80-81 IBAMA and the Federal Technical Registry # 4611 and complies with all requirements of the Institute.


TOTAL AREA: 60.00 M2
In the green area of Tropical Manaus Ecoresort there are 150 m2 dedicated to orchids. The Tropical Orchid is designed to show visitors the importance of the species planted in this spectacular garden area. It is home to 1350 specimen, including about 56 amazonic species. Among the many and varied examples that draw the attention of visitors are the Cattleya, Catasetum and Oncidium. A valuable collection of natural wonders, which must be preserved and revered, it presents an impressive variety of colors and shapes, from simple to exotic.


Soccer Field

The Tropical Manaus Ecoresort offers many different opportunities to play sports in Brazil during your stay. Our entertainment team coordinates tournaments or games between guests on this large soccer court: 25,70 x 30,96 m. Check with the entertainment team for a daily schedule.


Sand Volleyball

This Tropical Manaus Ecoresort sand court is located near the soccer square and is 288 m2. The entertainment team will help you join a tournament or enjoy a game with other Tropical Manaus Ecoresort guests.