Tropical Manaus Ecoresort - Manaus, Amazonas, Cep: 69037-000, Brasil
  • Parintins - Boi Garantido
  • Teatro amazonas
  • Parintins - Boi Caprichoso

February: Amazonas Carnival: Samba schools parade at the "sambódromo" in the Convention Center and "Carnaboi"

April: Amazonas Opera Festival

May: Ponta Negra´s Music Festival

June: Amazonas Folklore Festival - Bumbá Meu Boi or Boi Bumbá is a popular regional festival which takes place annually in North and Northeast Brazil in Parintins, state of Amazonas. It tells the story of the death and resurrection of an ox. This event also pits the two famous Samba School "Caprichoso" with the colors blue and black bull and "Garantido" with the red colors and white bull. Each side tries to tell their version of the story with music, dance, animatronics float (parade) and songs. The two sides are so strongly divided that streets can be clearly viewed with their opposing colors. The town of Parintins is the only place in the world where Coca-Cola ads are in blue.

June 29: São Pedro Fluvial Procession

September 5: The elevation of Amazonas a Brazilian province category.

October 24: Anniversary of Manaus

December 31: Ponta Negra´s New Year’s Eve Party

Holidays in Brasil

January 01 – New Year’s Day

February – Carnival

March – Good Friday

March – Easter Day

April 21 – “Tiradentes” Day

May 01 – Labor Day

June – Corpus Christi

September 7 – Independence Day

October 12 – Our Lady Aparecida, Patron Saint of Brazil

November 2 – All Souls Day/Remembrance Day

November 15 – Proclamation of the Republic

December 24 – Christmas Eve

December 25 – Christmas Day

December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Brazil’s biggest holidays are New Year’s and Carnival.